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After I shared this site with my high school math teacher, he said:

"I have long felt that students need to connect data, algebraic notation, and graphical thinking in new and meaningful ways if they are to really understand the concepts. Most (almost all) math books at this level leave graphical thinking for the later chapters, which are often covered in a hurry (if at all). If we are to help our students develop the "deep knowledge" of the subject that will make them successful in future math study, we need to find ways to integrate data and visual thinking with the standard algebraic notation."

-Allen Martin, Math Department at Loyola High School in Los Angeles

Based partly on Concept Attainment by Jerome Bruner which is an indirect instructional strategy that uses an inquiry process. Students distinguish correct graphs from incorrect ones and place them in their proper columns. The puzzles intend to solidify the concepts previous taught in the classroom.

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